A Furniture Show by Modern Artists

The Caracole Light by Schnadig “Modern Artisan” collection arrived in Turkey hosted by Fatih Kıral Furniture,  have taken their place in the stores. Each piece in the collection, aiming to create cosy living areas, has been prepared  with special craftmanship. You are invited to the nearest Fatih Kıral store to see the Collection from close and to experience  the harmony of metal, glass and wood at home.

Schnadig, oneof the most important American furniture brands, is in Turkey with the guaranty of Fatih Kıral Furniture.  Fatih Kıral company who proved its success in local manufacture, is also representive of more than 50 world- renowned brands.

The name given to the Caracole Light by Schnadig 2015 Collection is also worth mentioning. The Modern Artisan collection has used impressive forms, unifying the furniture with touch of artists. The new collection offers soft gold metals, glass and dark wood , representing pure beauty with the applied natural patina lacquer.