Kids By Fatih Kıral, bringing a new sense of elegance to the rooms for babies, children and youngsters   with the motto “Affordable Luxury”, attracts many attentions with the wide collection.

The product range of Kids By Fatih Kıral offers furniture and accessories for every taste and stands out by the importance given to child health on every step of the manufacture.

Kids By Fatih Kıral, a signature  brand in local manufacture, creates living spaces for little princes and princesses that they dream about.

Leading furniture brand for children and youngsters, Kids By Fatih Kıral, offers you the key to affordable elegance to create a new living area for your child. Complementary products like curtains, lighting elements, Wall papers  and carpets can also be supplied by Kids By Fatih Kıral, where all kinds of furniture designs the children dream about are processed with great care. Kids By Fatih Kıral sets fashion trends in childrens furniture with lts local manufacture.

Child health is most important at every stage

Kids By Fatih Kıral, gives utmost importance to child health during each step of the manufacture, additionally, is making mass production with laminated MDF boards with the use of fully automatic and fully technological lines. 80 percent of the entire collection of Kids By Fatih Kıral is laminated MDF boards, and 20 percent is wood. Always considering the sensitivity of the parents, with this sense of responsibility, Kids By Fatih Kıral, does not use chemical paint. The paints are prepared specially for Kids By Fatih Kıral, by the leading companies in Turkey.

Long-term use with functional products

One of the most important features of Kids By Fatih Kıral designs, is their being  functional. The products for childrens’ living areas are designed to create an atmosphere in which they will spend time without getting bored, like they dream. Functionality is also preliminary at the stage of product planning. The children can easily use the products in Kids By Fatih Kıral collection, with little additions and changes, from the day they are born ,until they are adults.

33 Years of signature in furniture

One of the features that distinguish Kids By Fatih Kıral, is its post-purchase support. A free architectural support is also supplied by Kids By Fatih Kıral customer services.

Kids By Fatih Kıral continues to be one of the most important local manufacturers in the country, with ongoing  technological infrastructure investments, without sacrificing from its quality.