Our brand “Fatih Kıral Furniture and Decoration”, which is one of the pioneers of the furniture industry in Turkey, has been established in 1980 as a continuation of the family business. Fatih Kıral, who has started off to raise the quality of the industry by changing it radically, opened his first store which carries his own name at the Asian side of İstanbul. The opening of this first store located at Bağdat Avenue has breathed a new life into the furniture industry.

The first production center of our brand has been set up on 4.000 m2 space in İstanbul in 1985. In 2013, the facility has been upgraded to 15.000 m2 of which 10.000 m2 is indoors.

Distinctiveness is the foundation of our brand’s unique, high quality and growing-by-the-year image. Fatih Kıral Furniture and Decoration, which has never made any concessions in terms of brand values, is aiming to bring global trends to the customer. Today, we present our customers classic and modern collections produced by more than 50 of worldwide brands. Our collaborations with renowned furniture brands, as well as our investments into our stores, are growing day by day. Currently, we offer our customers Italian brands with worldwide famous designs such as Versace Home, Provasi, Smania, Giorgio Collection, Arte Brotto, Dialma Brown, Natuzzi, Angelo Cappellini, Bruno Zampa and Zanaboni. Varaschin, Talenti, Unopiu and Atmosphera are among the outdoor brands our customers can find in our stores. American brands Henredon, Thomasville, Schnadig and Paul Robert, all of which closely follow global trends, are available in our stores. Apart from home and office furniture, one can also find garden, kitchen and bathroom furniture under Fatih Kıral brand.

Novelties of world have entered not only to Turkish homes, but also to all areas of Turkish daily life like hotels, gardens and new construction projects thanks to Fatih Kıral Furniture and Decoration. Our industry leader brand, which never makes concessions on innovation and growth, has 16 stores in Turkey, particularly in İstanbul, İzmir, Bodrum and Antalya, and 2 franchises in Ankara and Gaziantep. We are always working on increasing these numbers.

While we incorporate the best international brands, we have also created “Kids by Fatih Kıral”, a special brand for the youngest members of families. With this brand, Fatih Kıral Furniture and Decoration provides furniture and accessories made domestically to cover the needs of young people of ages between 0 and 24. All the furniture and accessories (lighting, carpets, bedding and textile products) needed for the rooms of babies, kids and youngsters are offered in Kids by Fatih Kıral stores. This brand is also protecting its position as the leader of industry.

Fatih Kıral, which has introduced Turkey with the system of high quality and appropriate to budget merchandising, has aimed entering every house with accessories, furniture and daily used goods of “Brand Home”; thus managed to change shopping habits of people.

“Fatih Kıral Furniture and Decoration” offers special solutions for both domestic and foreign customers, and creates special projects. Our project team of 50 people and architecture team of 10 people provide design, execution and turnkey services for restaurants, cafes, hospitals, relaxation areas of airports – and particularly for residences, offices and hotels. Furthermore, decoration of government agencies, offices and residences are also designed with the same assurance. We become solution partners of domestic and foreign architectures with specially made products which meet the requests of customers, in addition to ready-to-use furniture.

As Fatih Kıral Furniture and Decoration, we continue to provide luxury furniture for the customer while bringing prestige and elegance together.